"Providing Quality Security Service That Surpasses Industry Norms"

Mobile patrol officers provide an on going presence at your site. Patrol officers are utilized to provide a constant reminder to potential thieves and vandals that your site is routinely patrolled and checked.

In addition to patrol, our officers also perform regular routine procedures at your site. These procedures can include monitoring evening swimming pool activities at an apartment complex, verifying locked doors at your office building, and deterring vagrants from sleeping in your parking lot.

Our mobile officers are constantly in contact with our dispatch center. Using both mobile and hand held radios, our dual radio system allows for officers to always be in contact even if they are away from their vehicles.

I.C.S Security Concepts clients are often protected by our First Response (R) protection program. This program dispatches our security guards to silent alarms, fire alarms, and intruder alerts. Armed with experience, knowledge, and expertise, our offices respond first to determine the seriousness of the call and take the appropriate action(s) needed to resolve the situation. Our officers are fully trained in and backed by the Power's arrest Laws. I.C.S Security Concepts officers attend many on going classroom and seminar training programs to keep abreast of the laws in the Bahamas.