Client List and References


"Providing Quality Security Service That Surpasses Industry Norms"

Aetos Holdings Co. Ltd (Wendy’s) - Mr. Randy Sands (Operations Manager)
American Eagle Airlines - Mr. Keith Dean (Ram Mgr.)
Bacardi And Company - Ms. Maria Stuart (Human Resources)
Bahamar Development - Mrs. Bille Bowe (Human Resource Manager)
Bahamas Faith Ministries - Mr. Hubert Cash
Bald Head Productions - Mr. Gayland Saunders
Bank of The Bahamas - Ms. Annette Cash (HR Manager)
Blvd Services Ltd (Grand Bahama) - Mrs. Debra Gouthro (President & C.E.O)
British American Financial - Ms. Deborah Parker (HR Manager)
Calvary Bible Church - Rev. Allen Lee (Pastor)
Canuck Ltd - Mr. Rob Roman
Central Animal Hospital - Dr. Basil Sands (Proprietor)
Chelsea’s Choice - Mr. Leevan Sands (Sales Manager)
Dolphin Encounters - Mrs. Dorothy Bartlett
Dr. Mildred Hall Watson - Mrs. Campbell (Office Manager)
E.J’s Liquor Store - Mr. Edward Burrows (Proprietor)
Emerald Bay Resorts - Mr. Tom Wuebben (Director of Operations)
Executive Flight Support - Mr. Franz Bowe (Operations Exec.)
Foreign Security Services - Mr. L. Ferguson (Security Consultant)
Guanahani Village Resort - Mr. John Chafe (Resort Mgr.)
Insurance Management (Bah) Ltd - Mr. Keith Culmer (Office Manager)
JB Builders Construction - Mr. Bill McGrath
John Chea #4 - Mr. Philip Lok (Owner/Manager)
John Dell Private Property Surveillance Install/Monitoring
Kalypso Shores Ltd. Lyford Cay Surveillance Install/Monitoring
Kerzner International - Mr. Douglas Hanna (Surveillance/Risk Management)
Ladies Medical Clinic - Mrs. Octavia Neely (Office Manager)
Mandara Spas/Atlantis Paradise Island - Ms. Pia Rolle (Human Resources Mgr.)
Meat Max & Grocery - Mr. Garnet Wong (Owner/Manager)
Ministry of National Security - Mrs. Missouri Sherman-Peter (Permanent Secretary)
Nassau Palm Hotel - Mr. Jerry MacVean (General Manager)
Old Fort Bay Development - Mr. Gamal Newry (Dir. Security)
Old Fort Bay Residents Surveillance Install/Monitoring
Outback Steakhouse - Mr. Tyrone Nabbie (Manager)
Paradise Island Harbour Resort - Mr. Scott Cornelius (General Manager)
Prescription Parlor Pharmacy - Mr. C. S. Anton Lockhart
Restaurants (Bahamas) Ltd – KFC Mr. Gabriel Sastre (General Manager)
Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort - Mr. Martin (Director of Security)
Sbarros The Italian Eatery - Ms. Lorrily Forbes (Manager)
Sea Grapes Wines & Spirits - Mr. Charles Bonamy
See Saw Christian Academy - Mrs. Zerlene Frazer (Manager)
Sheraton Hotel - Mr. Rodney Smith (Director of Security)
Shevco Construction Ltd - Mr. Fintan Sheehan (President & C.E.O)
South Ocean Beach and Golf Resort - Mr. Kurt Greve (General Manager)
Special Events - Mr. Robert D.L Sands
Synergy Bahamas - Ms. Leanne Key
The Anna Nicole Smith Funeral - Mr. William Quinn (SCI funeral Services of Florida, INC.)
The Bahamas Orthodontic Center - Mrs. Lavette Mcfall (Office Manager)
Thompson Trading - Mr. Kurt Munroe (Operations Manager
Trench Masters - Mr. Geoff Brown
Water & Sewerage Cooperation - Mr. Simeon Sturrup (Property Manager)
Woodbourne Estates - Ms. Knowles (Resort Manager)
Wyndham Nassau Resort & Casino - Mr. Samuel Wallace (Dir. Security)

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